Electronic Device Architectures for the Nano-CMOS Era

Electronic Device Architectures for the Nano-CMOS Era

From Ultimate CMOS Scaling to Beyond CMOS Devices

by Simon Deleonibus

This book offers an excellent insight into the micro-to-nano transition that the electronics industry is currently engaged in. The different chapters clearly illustrate the latest stages of evolution of the 'classical' silicon transistor and explore next-generation devices which are likely to be its successor. It is an excellent reference for scientists and students interested in the future of electronics.

Prof. Jean-Pierre Colinge, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814241281
  • Subject: Semiconductors
  • Published: October 2008
  • Pages: 426

In this book, internationally recognized researchers give a state-of-the-art overview of the electronic device architectures required for the nano-CMOS era and beyond. Challenges relevant to the scaling of CMOS nanoelectronics are addressed through different core CMOS and memory device options in the first part of the book. The second part reviews new device concepts for nanoelectronics beyond CMOS. What are the fundamental limits of core CMOS, and can we improve the scaling by the introduction of new materials or processes? Will the new architectures using SOI, multigates or multichannels improve the trade-off between performance and power consumption and relax the constraints of new material integration? Can quantum computing replace binary-based protocols to enhance the information-processing power? These and other questions are answered in this book.