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Handbook of Energy Harvesting Power Supplies and Applications

by Peter Spies, Markus Pollak and Loreto Mateu

“Handbook of Energy Harvesting Power Supplies and Applicationsunveils the physical principles of energy-harvesting transducers and explains the necessary physics and electronics background leading to the design of energy-harvesting power supplies. It explains in detail the available energy-harvesting technologies. Due to the intermittency of several sources of ambient energy (light, thermal, mechanic, electromagnetic radiation), the book also includes storage elements. It explains and compares storage devices like solid-state thin-film lithium batteries, supercapacitors, and reversible fuel cells so the reader can select the most appropriate for a given application. On the electronics side, it provides a detailed study about dc–dc switching regulators, including two fundamental subjects: matching loads and performance efficiency considerations. This last subject, hard to find even in power electronics books, is of paramount importance in the energy-harvesting context. This is a timely and unique book, highlighting modern and highly successful state-of-the-art energy-harvesting technologies and methods. It fosters further discussion, research, and development and is, therefore, valuable for teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, industry engineers, and researchers in the field of energy harvesting, materials science, small-scale energy storage, and electronic power conversion.

IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814241861
  • Subject: Power Electronics
  • Published: June 2015
  • Pages: 592