Physics and Chemistry at Low Temperatures

Physics and Chemistry at Low Temperatures

by Leonid Khriachtchev

536 pages, 153.00 x 229.00 mm, 18 Color & 138 B/W

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814267519
  • Published: June 2011

  • eBook - PDF
  • ISBN: 9789814267823

Low temperature is an extreme condition that has always attracted scientists. The reasons for this interest are both fundamental and practical. At extremely low (cryogenic) temperatures, the thermal, electric, and magnetic properties of many substances undergo a vast change, and the behavior of matter is quite different from that at room temperature. Many fundamental discoveries have been done at low temperatures. The development of thermodynamics has been essentially based on thee potentials of cryogenic technology. Tunneling reactions in chemistry are characterized by the low-temperature limit when the classical contribution is negligible. Many practical applications benefit from the lack of heat and have a deep physical basis. Interesting advantages of chemical synthesis at low temperatures have also been demonstrated. Undoubtedly, many exciting and useful phenomena at low temperatures will be discovered in the future.

It is impossible to describe all fields of low-temperature research in one book. A small part of the results and perspectives in this area is considered in this book, which covers fundamental and practical aspects of the processes and experimental and theoretical methods used in the field. The chapters are written by leading scientists who have very strong experience in the selected topics, and many practical recommendations can be found in this book.