Life at the Nanoscale

Life at the Nanoscale

Atomic Force Microscopy of Live Cells

by Yves DufrĂȘne

460 pages, 153.00 x 229.00 mm, 133 Color & 21 B/W

  • Hardcover - Textbook
  • ISBN: 9789814267960
  • Published: August 2011

  • eBook - Textbook
  • ISBN: 9789814267977
  • Published: June 2011

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The nanoscale analysis of living cells using atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based techniques is an exciting, rapidly evolving research field. During the past years, there has been tremendous progress in using AFM to observe cell surfaces at high resolution, to study cellular mechanics, to localize cell surface receptors, and to measure the forces involved in cellular interactions. This timely book provides a comprehensive overview of the use of AFM and related scanning probe microscopies for cell surface analysis, from the basics to the applications. The book will appeal to anyone involved in cell biology, microbiology, biophysics, biochemistry, or nanobiosciences. It covers all cell types, from viruses and protoplasts to bacteria and animal cells, and discusses a range of advanced AFM modalities, including high-resolution imaging, nanoindentation measurements, recognition imaging, as well as single-molecule and single-cell force spectroscopy. The different chapters are authored by cutting-edge experts, each representing his or her specialized areas. Each chapter covers methodologies for sample preparation and analysis, and highlights recent examples to illustrate the power of AFM techniques in life sciences and nanomedicine.