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Nanotechnology Commercialisation

edited by Takuya Tsuzuki

“This excellent book covers a broad range of topics, including nanomaterials’ properties, their synthesis and applications, and market opportunities. It deals with the production of nanomaterials not only at the laboratory scale but also at the commercial scale. It is unique in that it covers the scale-up of the production of nanomaterials, which is critical for their applications and acceptance in the manufacturing industry. With case studies of nanotechnology ventures, it articulates well the challenges for the commercialization of nanotechnology. The text extensively discusses intellectual property, government regulation, nanometrology and standards and also nanosafety, occupational health and safety issues for commercial production. It also throws light on the issues of managing waste from nanomanufacturing processes and public engagement. I am happy to recommend this book to anyone interested in the scale-up of nanotechnology for commercial production.”

Prof. Chennupati Jagadish, Australian National University, Australia
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814303286
  • Subject: General Materials Science
  • Published: September 2013
  • Pages: 480

Nanotechnology is an emerging field of science and engineering, involving the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular scale. Nanotechnology is expected to revolutionize amany aspects of our life, in a way traditional science and technology could not deliver. For this to happen, commercialization activities have a critical role to play. They bring technology innovation into realization while creating economic benefits for society. 

In terms of commercialization, nanomaterials occupy a unique place in nanotechnology.  Engineered nanomaterials, especially nanoparticulate materials, are the leading sector in nanotechnology commercialization. In addition, the nanomaterial sector has attracted much more heated debate than any other nanotechnology sector with regard to safety, regulation, standardization, and ethics. This is the first book on nanotechnology commercialization that deals exclusively with nanomaterials. It provides overviews of the current trends in, and the issues associated with, the commercialization of nanomaterials by some of the foremost nanotechnology experts in their fields.

About the Author:
Dr Takuya Tsuzuki is Associate Professor of Nanomaterials at the Research School of Engineering, Australian National University. He received a PhD in condensed matter physics from Kyoto University, Japan. He was Chief Technology Officer of one of the first nanotechnology companies in Australia where he successfully commercialized the university patents he co-developed. He played a key role in the large scale production and product development of commercial nanoparticles. His research interests include the synthesis, characterization and applications of nanoparticles, green nanomaterials for sustainable development, nano-metrology, nano-safety and translational nanotechnology.