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Physics of Schottky Electron Sources

Theory and Optimum Operation

by Merijn Bronsgeest

“Really understanding the physics of Schottky electron sources is a must for every sophisticated user of an electron microscope. But also, it is an intellectual pleasure in itself to learn about this ever-changing nanocrystal from which the electrons in the microscope emerge. The author has managed to combine these aspects, usefulness and theoretical depth, in the elegant and clear style that characterizes her work.”

Prof. Pieter Kruit, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814364799
  • Subject: Biophysics
  • Published: July 2014
  • Pages: 266

The Schottky electron emitter is a predominent electron-emitting source in today's electron beam equipment. This book comprehensively covers the Schottky emitter, dealing with its theoretical as well as practical aspects. The main questions that will be addressed in this book are What is the Schottky electron emitter? How does it work? and How do its properties affect the performance of electron beam equipment?

The focus is on the direct link between the operating conditions of the source and the properties of the beam at the target level. This coupling will be made clear by discussing (a) the effect of the operating conditions and the geometry of the source and gun on the emission properties of the emitting surface, (b) the effect of Coulomb interactions on the brightness and energy spread in the first few millimeters of the beam path, and (c) the effect of the operating conditions and the shape of the emitter on the consequences of the beam at the target. The final chapter combines all these effects to demonstrate that there is a trade-off to be made between brightness, energy spread, and shape stability.