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Multisensor Systems for Chemical Analysis

Materials and Sensors

edited by Larisa Lvova, Dmitry Kirsanov, Andrey Legin and Corrado Di Natale

"This book edited by the leading experts on electonic tongues is the first ever to give a concise overview over this technique, which in contrast to electronic noses working in gas phase is still quite "uncharted area". The editors and authors have gathered an impressive collection of high-quality chapters covering different aspects of multisensor systems in liquid phase comprising both novel recognition techniques (both biomimetic and biological ones), fundamental aspects and innovative device development. Together with the fact that chemometrics is only covered as far as application requires it, this book gives an easily accessible introduction not only into multisensors in liquid phase, but sensing in general and is therefore an invaluable tool for both researchers and graduate students interested in the field."

Dr. Peter Lieberzeit, University of Vienna, Austria
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814411158
  • Subject: Analytical Chemistry
  • Published: February 2014
  • Pages: 420