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Toxicology and Risk Assessment

edited by Anna M. Fan, Elaine M. Khan and George V. Alexeeff

This a well-written and curated general reference book on toxicology and risk assessment. The contributing chapter authors are knowledgeable and bring a diverse set of perspectives to this problem area. There are authors from state, federal, and national agencies in other countries so there is a comprehensive set of perspectives on the various topics presented. The book is also forward looking with regard to addressing important emerging topics in toxicology such as nanomaterials and risk assessment topics such as sensitive subpopulations. The discussion in the chapters dealing with these nanomaterials and sensitive subpopulations such as the aged is particularly timely and informative in this regard. Overall this is a comprehensive and useful contribution to the review literature concerning toxicology and risk assessment that should find readership in academia, industry, and government/international agencies.

Dr. Bruce A. Fowler, Emory University and University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814613385
  • Subject: Toxicology
  • Published: March 2015
  • Pages: 1426

The presence of chemicals in our environment is a subject of intense interest owing to the many potential adverse health effects to humans following exposure to these chemicals. The principles and practices of risk assessment are used to assess the associated health risks to provide a scientific and health basis for guidance or regulatory standards development and risk management decision making for public health protection.

This book compiles, discusses, and presents cutting-edge research data and methodology in performing risk assessment of some major chemicals of concern in our environment. It also discusses the complexity of the scientific databases, the available and updated methodology, emerging issues, limitations in knowledge and methods, considerations of developmental and age sensitivities, use of defaults, case samples on results in risk assessment and risk management, and current and future perspectives. The editors are prominent in the field of environmental toxicology, risk assessment, and chemical regulations. This book will appeal to those interested in evaluating the human health effects of exposure to chemicals in the environment and the associated assessments and findings.