Sensing Biochemistry in the Brain

by Patricia Broderick

350 pages

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814613491
  • Published: June 2020

This imaging textbook covers in detail the beginning of neuromolecular imaging from in vivo electrochemistry. It discusses how neuromolecular imaging solved the persistent problem of electrocatalysis with empirical recording with the new imaging nanotechnology and circuits designed by the author, Prof. Patricia Broderick. The BRODERICK PROBE® nanobiosensor is smaller than one strand of human hair, does not scar, and does not produce bacterial growth. These properties of the nanobiosensor have been validated by pathologists and immunologists from New York University clinical and preclinical departments. The book details this specialized sensor’s success in clinical and research settings, the biomedical engineering involved in its manufacture, and original, tried, and trusted protocols for use by scientists and practitioners in multiple fields of brain application and sensor design.

Key Features:

  • Presents the breakthrough invention by the author, the BRODERICK PROBE® nanobiosensor, and a unique integration of neuroimaging and nanosensing the brain
  • Discusses nanomedicine and surgical technologies and electrical circuits for driving sensor technology in such a free-flowing and unique way that has truly never been achieved earler
  • Details the stability and superior temporal and spatial resolution offered by the BRODERICK PROBE® nanobiosensor
  • Shows live Imaging applications for the treatment of patients and animals to heal brain and body disorders