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Rare Earth Elements in Human and Environmental Health

At the Crossroads Between Toxicity and Safety

edited by Giovanni Pagano

This is an outstanding book on the important topic of the opportunities and challenges related to increasing the use and distribution of rare earth elements (REEs) in occupational and environmental sciences. REEs are chemically similar elements comprising lanthanides, scandium, and yttrium. They find use in several essential technological applications but also effect human health significantly. This book helps in increasing our knowledge on the environmental fate and biological effects of REEs so that unforeseen long-term manmade consequences to human health can be prevented. It is likely to become an important resource for scientists, engineers, and decision makers who understand the need for sensible exploitation of REEs.

Dr. Kyung-Taek Rim, Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency, Republic of Korea
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814745000
  • Subject: Nanotechnology in Energy and the Environment
  • Published: November 2016
  • Pages: 280