The U.S. Government and Renewable Energy
Jenny Stanford Series on Renewable Energy

The U.S. Government and Renewable Energy

A Winding Road

by Allan R Hoffman

This book recounts the work of Dr. Allan Hoffman, who first took an interest in energy issues as a young assistant professor of physics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a PhD in low temperature solid state physics from Brown University. In addition to providing a summary of programs in renewable energy in the U.S. and internationally, it presents very accessible summaries of the technologies under development in the field. Perhaps more importantly, this thin volume provides a rare look at the role a scientist can play in developing programs in R&D, including the challenges and frustrations of working for the federal government. It should be of particular value to physics students considering careers in government agencies since it highlights both the available rewards and the numerous challenges. Hoffman writes with unusual honesty and presents an unvarnished and unique view of the work that a dedicated physicist can do in developing programs and promoting research on new and needed technologies. I strongly recommend it to all physicists and especially to those interested in influencing policy in support of new technologies and younger people interested in applying their physics training to making national policy.

The Forum on Physics and Society, American Physical Society
  • Format: eBook
  • ISBN: 9789814745857
  • Series: Jenny Stanford Series on Renewable Energy
  • Subject: Environmental Science
  • Published: November -0001