Low-Power Wireless Communication Circuits and Systems

Low-Power Wireless Communication Circuits and Systems

60 GHz and Beyond

edited by Kiat Seng Yeo and Kaixue Ma

  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814745963
  • Subject: Electronic Materials
  • Published: April 2018
  • Pages: 342

The increasing demand for extremely high-data-rate communications has urged researchers to develop new communication systems. Wireless transmission with data rates higher than 1 Gbps is becoming essential owing to increased connectivity between different portable and smart devices. To realize Gbps data rates, millimeter-wave (MMW) bands around 60 GHz are attractive due to the availability of a large bandwidth of 9 GHz. Recent research work in the Gbps data rates around the 60 GHz band has focused on short-range indoor applications, such as uncompressed video transfer, high-speed file transfer between electronic devices, and communication to and from kiosks. Many of these applications are limited to 10 m or less because of the huge free space path loss and oxygen absorption for the 60 GHz band MMW signal.

This book introduces new knowledge and novel circuit techniques to design low-power MMW circuits and systems. It focuses on unlocking the potential applications of the 60 GHz band for high-speed outdoor applications. The innovative design application significantly improves and enables high-data-rate, low-cost communication links between two access points seamlessly. The 60 GHz transceiver system-on-chip provides an alternative solution for upgrading existing networks without introducing any building renovation or external network laying work.

Key Features:

  • Presents an overview of the 60 GHz communication system and technology by emphasizing on the method to meet low-cost and extremely high-data-rate wireless communication link requirements for both indoor and outdoor data transfer applications
  • Addresses in depth technical issues, limitations, considerations, and challenges facing integrated circuit and system designers in designing high-speed wireless communication systems from the silicon perspectives
  • Illustrates fundamental principles and concepts and covers various transceiver architectures, circuit techniques, and configurations that serve to fill the gap between traditional radio frequency and MMW IC designs
  • Equips IC designers and engineers with the knowledge to effectively design low-power MMW circuits and systems

The book is of particular interest to advanced undergraduate- and graduate-level students as well as faculty and researchers in electrical and electronic engineering, wireless communication, IC design, and circuits and systems; can also be used as an excellent reference for RF/MMW IC designers, engineers, consultants, engineering managers and directors, instructors and scientists working in the foundry, fabless semiconductor company, original equipment manufacturer, and integrated device manufacturer