Immune Aspects of Biopharmaceuticals and Nanomedicines
Jenny Stanford Series on Nanomedicine

Immune Aspects of Biopharmaceuticals and Nanomedicines

edited by Raj Bawa, Janos Szebeni, Thomas Webster and Gerald F. Audette

“This outstanding volume represents a review of the various effects of biopharmaceuticals and nanomedicines on the immune system: immunotherapy, vaccines, and drug delivery; challenges and overcoming translational barriers stemming from immunotoxicity; strategies to designing more immunologically friendly formulations.”

África González-Fernández, PhD, MD, Professor of Immunology and President of the Spanish Society of Immunology, University of Vigo, Spain
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814774529
  • Series: Jenny Stanford Series on Nanomedicine
  • Subject: General Biomedical Engineering
  • Published: January 2019
  • Pages: 1038

The enormous advances in the immunologic aspects of biotherapeutics and nanomedicines in the past two decades has necessitated an authoritative and comprehensive reference source that can be relied upon by immunologists, biomedical researchers, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, regulators, venture capitalists, and policy makers alike. This text provides a thorough understanding of immunology, therapeutic potential, clinical applications, adverse reactions, and approaches to overcoming immunotoxicity of biotherapeutics and nanomedicines. It also tackles critical, yet often overlooked topics such as immune aspects of nano-bio interactions, current FDA regulatory guidances, complement activation-related pseudoallergy (CARPA), advances in nanovaccines, and immunogenicity testing of protein therapeutics.

About the Series Editor

Dr. Raj Bawa is president of Bawa Biotech LLC, a biotech/pharma consultancy and patent law firm based in Ashburn, Virginia, that he founded in 2002. He is an entrepreneur, professor, inventor, and registered patent agent licensed to practice before the US Patent Office. Trained as a biochemist and microbiologist, he is currently an adjunct professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, and serves as a scientific advisor to Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Israel. In 2008, he and Dr. Esther Chang of Georgetown Medical Center founded the American Society for Nanomedicine. He has authored over 100 publications and coedited 4 books and serves on the editorial board of 14 peer-reviewed journals.

Key Features:

  • A stand‐alone, easily accessible volume that examines the provide a broad survey of various topics pertaining to the immune aspects of biopharmaceuticals and nanomedicines, both beneficial and adverse.
  • An essential reference for the novice and expert alike in diverse areas such as medicine, law, biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, toxicology, drug development, regulatory science and governmental affairs
  • The comprehensive text highlights both cutting‐edge technological advances and also addresses critical topics such as nano-bio interactions, toxicity and FDA regulatory issues.