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Industrial Biomimetics

by Akihiro Miyauchi and Masatsugu Shimomura

"Biomimetics is a cutting-edge field in which imitation of biological structures and functions is pursued to solve complex technological problems. Helpful perspective is gained by recalling the extent to which emulating nature has driven technological innovations in the past. For instance, the invention of Velcro was based on the observation that plant burrs adhere well to humans or other animals. Another oft-cited example is how understanding of bird flight has inspired aircraft design. As the editors point out, the approaches illustrated here include some that began with an engineering task and sought a solution in nature, and others that began with deep knowledge of biology and sought ways to apply it in a particular engineering domain. Each of the 15 chapters in this multi-author volume can be read independently, complete with its own list of up-to-date references. The range of topics is wide, including, for example, an engineered replication of shark skin to achieve fluid control and the development of adhesive products for use under wet conditions, inspired by sessile organisms such as mussels and barnacles. The book would provide useful material for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in engineering."

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  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814800075
  • Subject: Nanomaterials and Nanostructures
  • Published: June 2019
  • Pages: 308

Biomimetics is an innovative paradigm shift based on biodiversity for sustainability. Biodiversity is not only the result of evolutionary adaption but also the optimized solution of an epic combinatorial chemistry for sustainability, because the diversity has been acquired by biological processes and technology, including production processes, operating principles, and control systems, all of which differ from human technology. In the recent decades, biomimetics has gained a great deal of industrial interest because of its unique solutions for engineering problems

In this book, researchers have contributed cutting-edge results from the viewpoint of two types of industrial applications of biomimetics. The first type starts with engineering tasks to solve an engineering problem using biomimetics, while the other starts with the knowledge of biology and its application to engineering fields. This book discusses both approaches. Edited by Profs. Masatsugu Shimomura and Akihiro Miyauchi, two prominent nanotechnology researchers, this book will appeal to advanced undergraduate- and graduate-level students of biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering and to researchers working in the areas of mechanics, optical devices, glue materials, sensor devices, and SEM observation of living matter.