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How Enzymes Work (Second Edition)

From Structure to Function

by Haruo Suzuki

“The relationship between the structure and the function of enzymes, despite their efficient and superior catalytic function, has been a mystery. Through the recent precise analysis of the structure of the active site, this book presents an easy-to-understand and visual explanation of the mechanism by which the catalytic function is generated. It provides a deep insight into the further development of enzyme science and the practical use of enzymes.”

Prof. Hidehiko Kumagai, Ishikawa Prefectural University, Japan
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814800662
  • Subject: Biophysics
  • Published: September 2019
  • Pages: 270

The first edition of this book covered the basic treatment of the enzyme reaction using the overall reaction kinetics and stopped-flow method, the general properties of protein and cofactors, the control of enzyme reaction, and the preparation of enzyme protein. These topics are the basis of the enzyme research and thus suitable for the beginner in the field. The second edition presents the cofactors produced via post-translational modification of the enzyme’s active site. These cofactors expand the function of enzymes and open a new research field. The carbonyl reagent phenylhydrazine and related compounds have been useful in finding some of the newly discovered cofactors and thus have been discussed in this edition. The topic of the control of enzyme activity through the channel of substrates and products in polyfunctional enzymes has also been expanded in this book.

Key Features

  • Provides a solid introduction to various enzymes and shows how interesting they are
  • Covers historical kinetic studies on enzymes and the overall and rapid-reaction kinetics
  • Describes the basics of protein structure, the control of enzyme activity, and the purification of enzymes
  • Contains many references that can be good sources for further reading
  • Especially useful for beginners
  • Includes many color figures