Real Scientists Don’t Wear Ties

Real Scientists Don’t Wear Ties

When Science Meets Culture

by Sidney Perkowitz

“Sidney Perkowitz is a rare bird—an experimental physicist who writes fluently for general audiences. His books, articles, and essays reveal his delight with the material world in its many diverse manifestations. This collection of his best writings on science, technology, and their cultural implications portrays him at his best, a many-faceted gem of an author deeply engaged in the physics of modern life.”

Dr. Michael Riordan, Author of The Hunting of the Quark and coauthor of The Shadows of Creation, Crystal Fire, and Tunnel Visions
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814800686
  • Subject: General Chemistry
  • Published: November 2019
  • Pages: 346

Real Scientists Don’t Wear Ties links science to general and popular culture and everyday life in an easy-to-understand style. When a gifted writer of science selects his best pieces published in the world’s most reputable periodicals such as Nature, Discover, and MIT Technology Review, we get an eminently readable collection of his varied work in book form. That it covers all-time relevant topics like quantum physics, gravitational waves, genetic engineering, space exploration, and artificial intelligence is an added delight. Prof. Perkowitz also discusses how science can be found in medical practice, cooking, soccer, and art, and also science and science fiction in the media. On the lighter side, he reports on his efforts to teach a computer to understand poetry, explains why scientists resist dressing up, and shows that unlike many people, scientists actually enjoy math.

Key Features:

  • The book showcases Perkowitz’s varied research, teaching, and writing experience that gives him unique angles on science and scientists, technology, and culture.
  • The mix of serious and light topics sets Real Scientists apart from other works of popular science.
  • The book’s variety of short and long pieces makes it appealing to dip into.
  • Illustrations from science fiction films enliven the book.