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Graphene-Based Terahertz Electronics and Plasmonics

Detector and Emitter Concepts

edited by Vladimir Mitin, Victor Ryzhii and Taiichi Otsuji

“This wonderful book provides clear and detailed descriptions of how graphene’s unique properties can be utilized to develop devices for generating and detecting terahertz radiation. The original concepts of these devices were proposed by the authors themselves, and some of the proposed devices have already been implemented experimentally.”

Prof. Junichiro Kono, Rice University, USA
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814800754
  • Subject: Nanomaterials and Nanostructures
  • Published: November 2020
  • Pages: 1026

Graphene demonstrates interesting electrical, optical, and optoelectronic properties. A number of other one-atom-thick material structures have been discovered and studied. Industrially applicable technologies for these structures are currently under active development. The material presented in the book is reviewed in the preface. Part 1 discusses the electronic and plasmonic properties of graphene and heterostructures based on graphene as well as detectors based on lateral transport. Parts 2 to 6 focus on the concepts of detectors and emitters with a special emphasis on plasmonic enhancement of those devices as well as on population inversion and lasing. The key advantage of the several detectors and emitters presented in the book is their ability to work at room temperature.


In spite of enormous research in the area of devices based on graphene, the number of extensive review publications on terahertz devices based on graphene is small. This review volume fills the gap. Researchers and engineers working in the fields of electronics and plasmonics can use it to learn about new concepts in the field of graphene devices and to understand the influence of plasmonics on device performance. The book can be also be used as a required text for doctorate courses and as a supplementary material for postgraduate courses.