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Spark Ablation

Building Blocks for Nanotechnology

edited by Andreas Schmidt-Ott

“This book provides fundamental underpinnings of a technique poised to make significant contributions to achieving the transition from laboratory-based nanotechnology to wide-ranging applications in commercial products, as well as emergent configurations and applications of the process, demonstrating the broad applicability of spark ablation for scientific, engineering, and manufacturing applications.”

Dr. Adam Boies, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814800822
  • Subject: Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials
  • Published: January 2020
  • Pages: 456

Spark ablation has been used worldwide for decades. However, in many fields, the special properties of nanoparticles, which come into play especially for sizes <20 nm, are just beginning to be exploited. The technique offers unprecedented flexibility regarding composition and size, and revolutions in the domains of catalysis and sensor technology, and more are to be expected. This book is the first review of spark ablation as a unique, scalable source of building blocks for nanotechnology and a powerful tool to promote this development. The introductory chapters give an overview of the technological fields that can exploit size effects, and explain the process of spark ablation in the gas phase, as well as principles of immobilizing particles to create novel products and materials. Fundamentals of the spark ablation process are then discussed, in addition to the characteristics of the particles formed. The rest of the book deals with a selection of application fields that profit from the spark ablation source from the perspective of research. With the authors’ many years of experience in spark ablation and its applications, all the chapters complement one another and contain numerous cross-references in order to enable the reader to obtain a complete picture of the subject.

Key Features:

  • Is the first review of spark ablation as a scalable source of building blocks for nanotechnology, although the technique is being used worldwide for decades and there is a strong progressive growth of publications involving it
  • Is comprehensive, covering the most important developments in the field
  • Has been written under the leadership of the most prominent representatives in the field of aerosol-based nanotechnology
  • Comprises chapters that complement each other and contains numerous cross-references in order to enable the reader to obtain a complete picture of the subject