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Mechanochemical Synthesis of Composite Materials

by Zulkhair Mansurov, Nina Nikolaevna Mofa, Tlek Aitmukhanovich Ketegenov and Bakhtiyar Seisembekovich Sadykov

“Modern industry requires advanced materials with increasing demand for better performance. Elaboration of specific compounds with desired technological application is the key process for the progress of both science and technology of materials. In the domain of composites, this book provides the state of the art of the global aspects of the mechanochemical synthesis of composite inorganic, organic, and metallic materials, from basic concepts to practical applications. The well-documented and updated literature is invaluable for researchers, educators, engineers, and, especially, PhD students, as a section of key questions concludes every chapter.”

Dr. Brahim Elouadi, La Rochelle Université, France, and Mohammed-V University, Rabat, Morocco
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814800884
  • Subject: Condensed Matter Physics
  • Published: August 2022
  • Pages: 466