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Consumers and Nanotechnology (Second Edition)

Deliberative Processes and Methodologies

edited by Pal Strandbakken, Gerd Scholl and Eivind Sto

This book is a relevant and important contribution to wider contemporary debates on the nature and division of responsibilities and the roles and influence of multiple actors and constituencies in contexts that bring together innovation under late modernity and plural governance within modern democracies.

Sally Randles, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, UK
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814877619
  • Subject: General Social Science
  • Published: June 2021
  • Pages: 346

This book presents findings from EU (and other) projects on the theme of science in society, focusing on nanotechnology and the potential for democratisation of science. It is based on hands-on studies of a set of deliberative processes analysed by the European Commission’s FP7 NANOPLAT project. With added material in the second edition, the book gives a unique insight into the development of deliberative processes on nanotechnology from the start in June 2004 in Denmark up to the present. The analysis is based on an observation of ‘generations’ of deliberations and it develops the third-generation deliberation, first theoretically and then gets to test it out empirically under the NanoDiode project. In addition, it presents a version of Callon’s ‘hybrid forum’, called HF 2.0, and compares this approach to the deliberations. In light of the RRI approaches, the new concluding chapter considers the potential for a more democratic science through public engagement. 

Key features:

  • Covers the fundamentals and research on graphene, including synthesis, properties, and various applications of graphene nanosheets
  • Is a unique book on such an advanced research topic
  • Gives an overview of the current status of the research and development in graphene
  • Is illustrated throughout with excellent figures and includes latest references to accompany each section