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Art Conservation

Mechanical Properties and Testing of Materials

edited by Bill Wei

This book belongs on the reference shelf of every conservator! Dr. Wei has provided a long-needed introduction to the mechanical properties of materials and the testing methodology for identifying those properties. Writing with clarity, he translates often-confusing terminology, allowing the conservator or the interested professional to more effectively understand, conserve, and use the complex materials that challenge their daily practice. Mechanical properties and behavior are as important as chemical makeup and interaction. This book provides a highly accessible guide to those critical properties.

Dr. Jerry Podany, Retired Senior Conservator, J. Paul Getty Museum, USA
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814877688
  • Subject: Historic Preservation
  • Published: July 2021
  • Pages: 164

Conservators and other museum professionals face a large number of issues involving the mechanical behavior of materials, including questions on craquelure, restoring physically damaged objects, art in transport, or the selection of adhesives. However, science in conservation and museum studies curricula focusses mostly on chemistry. This book fills this important gap in conservation training. It is the first such book written specifically for the conservation community and professionals with little or no background in (mechanical) engineering. It introduces the basics of mechanical properties and behavior of materials and objects with examples and exercises based on conservation practice. More complex issues of mechanical loading and advanced solutions are also introduced.