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Climate Change and Pragmatic Engineering Mitigation

edited by Jacqueline A Stagner and David S K Ting

“Engineering our future seems key to reducing the effects of climate change, although the roles it might play are not always evident. Climate Change and Pragmatic Engineering Mitigation provides examples that range from solar cells to flood prevention. The ideas that the chapters present will stimulate thoughts on limiting the impact of increasing energy demands and ameliorating potential climate catastrophes.”

Prof. Peter Brimblecombe, National Sun Yat Sen University, Taiwan
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814877978
  • Subject: Environmental Management
  • Published: December 2021
  • Pages: 336

This volume brings together 18 experts with diverse backgrounds and expertise from around the globe to tackle climate change from multiple angles. A comprehensive exposition of the interconnection between ocean, weather, and climate variability is a pre-requisite for understanding the challenge. The solution approach encompasses a better appreciation of the roof, refined solar energy estimation, heightened heat exchange effectiveness, improved understanding of photovoltaic operation in the Arctic, and integration of thermoelectric with photovoltaic. Adaptation is an essential and immediate remedy that every individual must take part in, understanding that men and women respond to the thermal environment differently. Imagine future buildings made from appetizing materials, closing a sustainable design process with self-sufficiency communities. Would hydrogen become a crucial part of the mitigation?