Hollow Fibers and Nanofibers in Membrane Science

Hollow Fibers and Nanofibers in Membrane Science

Preparation, Characterization, and Applications

edited by Alberto Figoli, Mir Saeed Seyed Dorraji and Francesco Galiano

  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814968034
  • Subject: Nanomaterials and Nanostructures
  • Published: March 2022
  • Pages: 350

Despite a large number of books related to membrane technology and membrane processes, books specifically intended for and focused on fibers used in membrane applications are still lacking. Since the development of the first modules, hollow fibers have totally revolutionized the world of membranes—thanks to the new technological breakthroughs and innovative materials discovered. The importance of a book putting hollow fibers in the spotlight owes to this type of configuration being more and more appreciated, particularly in large-scale applications. Moreover, the advent of nanofibers has injected new vitality in biomedical research, in air and water separation and filtration processes, and in the emerging areas of nanotechnology. This book singles out and highlights the unique properties that hollow fibers and nanofibers display both in the fields where they already represent the dominant configuration and in the areas where their full exploitation is still hindered by economic and technological constraints.

Key features:

  • Covers the most recent researches in hollow fibers and nanofibers in the different fields of membrane applications
  • Provides and discusses the arguments relying on concrete examples from scientific literature
  • Is illustrated throughout, with remarkable figures and illustrations accompanying each section