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The Tumor Stroma

Biology and Therapeutics

edited by Jai Prakash

  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814968065
  • Subject: Cell, Tissue and Genetic Engineering
  • Published: December 2021
  • Pages: 400

The identification of the role of the tumor stroma – the tissue in the surrounding of cancer cells – in cancer development, progression and metastasis has revolutionized the fields of cancer biology as well as cancer therapeutics. This book provides a comprehensive overview of this fast-evolving field including tumor stroma biology, therapeutic targets, molecular imaging and advanced tumor stroma in vitro models. The book will serve as a handbook for graduate students, postgraduate researchers, pharmaceutical scientists and biomedical engineers. Some key features of the book are the following.

Key features:

  • Different components of tumor stroma, interaction between tumor cells and stroma, physical properties of stroma as a barrier and its clinical relevance are presented in depth.
  • The book comprehensively covers therapeutic targets associated with the tumor stromal components, including specific cell surface targets and intracellular signaling pathways and microRNA.
  • A special chapter has been dedicated on the molecular imaging to detect different components of the tumor stroma and many other components of the tumor microenvironment.
  • The book also captures new developments in the field of three-dimensional models highlighting spheroidal co-culture models, tumor-on-chip, and 3D bioprinted models.