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Resources for Booksellers

Resources for Booksellers

Booksellers are a vital part of our success. Whether you are a large international business, a corner bookshop, or an online vendor, we are pleased to do business with you… READ MORE

Sales and Marketing

Jenny Stanford carries out a broad spectrum of marketing activities to ensure that your publication reaches a targeted readership. These activities include e-marketing in the form of regular newsletters, e-mailings,… READ MORE

Manuscript Guidelines

This section provides access to Microsoft Word and LaTeX style files and templates downloadable in compressed zip files. We prefer manuscripts submitted in Microsoft Word. We can also work with… READ MORE

Resources for Current Authors

We value our authors as the foundation of our business. This section of our website is meant to provide information about the publishing process at Jenny Stanford. Publishing Stages Manuscript… READ MORE

Resources for Prospective Authors

We consider manuscripts from the world’s foremost scholars, writers, artists, and public intellectuals. We invite submissions from prospective authors via the following process. Publish With Us Submit a Proposal Author… READ MORE

Submit a Proposal

If you have any publishing ideas in mind, please share them with us by completing our Publication Proposal Form and submit via our online form below. You can refer to the following… READ MORE

Publish With Us

Our authors are very important to us and we nurture our relationship in order to anticipate and respond to their needs. We are continuously on the lookout for authors who… READ MORE

Publishing Stages

Stage 1 – Proposal We are always on the lookout for potential authors who are not only able to write topical scientific content but to inspire students and fellow scientists… READ MORE


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Magnetic Microbots to Fight Cancer

Magnetic Microbots to Fight Cancer

Magnets steer medical microbots through blood vessels Late one crisp October night in 2006, a hospital technician in Montreal slid the limp body of an anesthetized pig into the tube of… READ MORE