Submit a Proposal

If you have any publishing ideas in mind, please share them with us by completing our Publication Proposal Form and submit via our online form below.

You can refer to the following points in order to assist you in preparing the proposal:

  • Audience
    The first step is to decide on who the book is intended for. Defining a clear readership at the early stage could also assist you in structuring the content to meet the readers’ requirements.
  • Content
    Now that the readers are clearly defined, the next step would be to design the book’s structure and how will the audience benefit from it. You need to decide on the scope, content, and objectives for each part or section of the book. You can also think about pedagogical features that would help readers to understand the field better ranging from illustrations, case studies, practical examples, historical perspectives, etc.
  • Key Features
    It is important to know at least three main points on how readers could benefit from your book and how it differs from the competition.
  • Deadline
    Although we adopt flexibility on the project deadline, it is important to decide on a feasible time-frame for you to complete the manuscript. Other factors that might affect the deadline includes the start of a semester (for textbooks), new technology launch in the market, major conference, etc.
  • Other Information
    If you have any information that would assist us further in the evaluation of your proposal, please share them with us. This could range from your lecture notes, journal articles, and other materials that you would like to include in the book.
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