Compound Semiconductor Photonics

Compound Semiconductor Photonics

Materials, Devices and Integration

by Jinghua Teng, Soo-Jin Chua and Aaron Danner

  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814267731
  • Subject: Photonics and Lasers
  • Published: April 2010
  • Pages: 248

This proceeding is a collection of selected papers presented at Symposium O of Compound Semiconductor Photonics in the International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technology (ICMAT), which was held in Singapore from 28 June to 3 July 2009. Semiconductor photonics is a cross-discipline between materials, physics, chemistry, opto and electronic devices. In recent years, continued progress in the research and development of new materials and devices has led to a better understanding of fundamental knowledge in electronic structures, carrier dynamics and electron-photon-phonon interactions. These have generated widespread applications in solid state lighting, imaging, display, signal processing, chemical and biological sensing, surveillance, solar cells and wide-bandwidth communications.

The symposium covers a wide range of topics from fundamental semiconductor materials study to photonic device fabrication and application. The papers collected are of recent progress in the active and wide range of semiconductor photonics research. They include materials-related papers on III-As/P, III-nitride, quantum dot/wire/dash growth, ZnO, and chalcogenide, and devices-related papers on photonic crystals, VCSEL, quantum dot/dash lasers, LEDs, waveguides, solar cells and heterogeneous integration.