Spherical Nucleic Acids (4-Volume Set)

“This is an excellent and very thorough book on an extremely novel class of nucleic acids called spherical nucleic acids, which have very interesting and unique properties and uses. The editor, Chad Mirkin, a world-renowned scientist, is the person who pioneered this entire field.”

Prof Robert S. Langer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

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The Road from Nanomedicine to Precision Medicine

“Precision medicine and targeted nanomedicines are the ‘Holy Grail’ of medicine and drug delivery; this comprehensive volume highlights their salient features and interconnectivity. A team of distinguished editors and authors have done a superb job focussing on the critical and current issues, masterfully dissecting hype from reality.”

Prof János Szebeni
Semmelweis University School of Medicine, Hungary

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“I am impressed by the number of modern and important topics covered by the publications of Jenny Stanford Publishing. I am sure that they will be very useful for the scientific community, and I wish all success to this collection.”

Prof Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

Nobel Laureate
École Normale Supérieure, France

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Physics and Chemistry of Graphene

“The text by Prof Toshiaki Enoki and Prof Tsuneya Ando plays a dual role: as a rich source of knowledge for graphene chemistry and as an introduction to graphene physics with an emphasis on reliable structure-property relations. Both the newcomer and the expert will find it extremely valuable.”

Prof Klaus Müllen
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany

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Stage Performance for Singers

“The generous amount of photographs and diagrams are invaluable in grasping the author’s concepts and are the next best thing to working with him in person. Bravo!”

Dr Joseph Curiale
American Composer, Author, and Educator

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“The breadth of subjects covered by Jenny Stanford, along with its ability to adapt quickly to the new developments in science and to bring to the reader up-to-date background information side by side with detailed novel technologies/methodologies in the different areas, places the publisher in the forefront of information provision in basic and applied sciences these days.”

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover (Nobel Laureate)


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