Publishing Stages

Stage 1 – Proposal

We are always on the lookout for potential authors who are not only able to write topical scientific content but to inspire students and fellow scientists as well. If you have a book idea in mind, please share it with us by completing the Publication Proposal Form. We will discuss your plans thoroughly amongst our editorial and marketing committees. Once the terms have been finalized and agreed upon, we will generate a publishing agreement for both parties to sign.

Stage 2 – Writing

At this stage, you will be assigned to one of our editors who will guide you along the manuscript preparation process. Please refer to our Style Files for the manuscript template and guidelines. If you wish to feature illustrations, photographs, or any other content from external sources, you will need to seek copyright clearance by downloading our Copyright Form. Towards the final stages of Stage 2, you will also need to complete our Promotional Questionnaire for our sales and marketing departments to maximize their promotional efforts.

Stage 3 – Editorial

Once you have completed the manuscript, please refer to our Manuscript Checklist to ensure that it is ready for submission. Our editors will oversee various tasks and the main ones are to:

  • Check your paper for completeness
  • Check your artwork for clarity
  • Copy-edit
  • Create a proof copy to be sent to you for review
  • Oversee the cover design

Stage 4 – Publication

As the manuscript approaches its final stages of publication, the in-house editor will go through with you to finalize the corrections made, cover design, artwork redesign, and other matters. Upon confirmation, the book will be sent for printing, which will be monitored closely by our quality control team to guarantee the best output. You will receive the first published copy within a few weeks.

Stage 5 – Sales and Marketing

We have a dynamic marketing team and an efficient distribution network. Once the book is published, it will be distributed worldwide via our regional warehouses in the US, UK, and Singapore. Based on the Promotional Questionnaire that you have completed, one of our marketers will share their promotional plans with you. This will ensure that your book is promoted to the right audience (researchers, students, etc.) via the right channels (direct marketing, booksellers, etc.) and at the right locations (conferences, bookshops, etc.)