Rights and Permissions

You are encouraged to work on permissions as you write chapters. Be as selective as possible with your inclusion of content from other sources. Third-party content should be used only when necessary as it’s often time-consuming and expensive to clear permissions to use this material.

As you incorporate third-party content into your manuscript, record the content and full source information on the permissions log.  Once you’ve identified the third-party content, assess it to determine if permission is required.  If permission is required, begin requesting as early as possible.  When you finalize the permission agreement with the copyright holder, document the log and compile the agreements into the “permissions file.”

Most permissions can be obtained via the Copyright Clearance Center but in the event that it is not available, please contact the relevant publishers directly.


Jenny Stanford is a member of the International Association of STM publishers, and is a signatory to the STM Permissions Guidelines. This allows our authors to use, in a limited capacity, other signatories’ content within their publication.  If the material is from a work published by an STM signatory, and the amount of material used is within the guidelines, subject to any limitations stated for the publisher on the list of signatories, the material may be used without permission from the rightsholder, at no charge.

You can find the Permissions Guidelines and a list of publisher signatories here: http://www.stm-assoc.org/copyright-legal-affairs/permissions/permissions-guidelines/.

STM Guidelines

The STM Guidelines allow the following uses, without permission from the copyright holder:

Figures/Tables for use within a journal or book:

  • Use up to three figures/tables from a journal article or book chapter, but:
    • not more than five figures from a whole book or journal issue/edition;
    • not more than six figures from an annual journal volume; and
    • not more than three figures from works published by a single publisher for an article or book chapter, and
    • not more than thirty figures in total from a single publisher for re-publication in a book, including a multi-volume book with different authors per chapter

Text Quotes for use in a journal or book:

  • use single text extracts of less than 400 words from a journal article or book chapter, but:
    • not more than a total of 800 words from a whole book or journal issue/edition

The material used within these guidelines does not require permission (though notification may be required – see below). If the amount of content exceeds the amount allowed per the guidelines, be sure to request permission for all material in excess of the permitted amount.

Is Notification Required?

Although the use of content within the guidelines will be granted at no cost, some STM Signatories require notification. Check the list of signatories (http://www.stm-assoc.org/copyright-legal-affairs/permissions/permissions-guidelines/) to determine if notification is required. 

If notification is required, follow the instructions provided to see if the signatory uses RightsLink® or the CCC’s Republication Service® to process permission requests.  Alternatively, you may use the Notification of Use Under STM Guidelines form to fulfill the requirement.  Please include a copy of any submitted notifications in the permissions file that you provide to your Editorial team as well as note the log with details of the notification.