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Nanofabrication by Ion-Beam Sputtering

Fundamentals and Applications

by Tapobrata Som and Dinakar Kanjilal

"This volume provides a remarkable overview of the status of the evolving field of ion-beam sputtering and its promising applications as a process tool for tailoring self-organized patterned properties and periodic nanoscale topographic features of surfaces. The topical scope includes the fundamental physics of sputtering, advanced simulations of pattern formation, and selected experimental applications.   The list of authors includes distinguished authorities in this field, and the book will surely become a highly cited reference source, as future manufacturing technologies develop."

Dr. J. E. E. Baglin, IBM Almaden Research Center, USA
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814303750
  • Subject: Optics and Laser Physics
  • Published: November 2012
  • Pages: 372

In nanoscience there is an ongoing trend toward fabrication processes relying on self-organization mechanisms. The focus is thereby on the control of shape, size, and arrangement of self-organized nanostructures within a single-stage, cost-effective fabrication process. Recently considerable attention has been paid to ion-beam sputtering as an effective way to fabricate self-organized nanopatterns on various substrates. The significance of this method for patterning surfaces is that it is fast, simple, and less expensive. The possibility of creating patterns on very large areas at once makes it even more attractive. The main goals of this book are to present fascinating experimental results, understand the mechanisms of pattern formation, and highlight some potential applications of patterned surfaces that are finding increasing importance in various areas.