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Solid Acid Catalysis

From Fundamentals to Applications

by Hideshi Hattori and Yoshio Ono

  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814463287
  • Subject: Catalysis
  • Published: April 2015
  • Pages: 530

Solids that possess acidic properties on their surfaces function as catalysts just like liquid acids, such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. By using solid acid catalysts, chemical processes become more productive and more environment-friendly. Actually solid acids are being used in many industrial chemical processes from the largest chemical process of catalytic cracking in petroleum refining to synthesis of various fine chemicals. This book covers fundamentals of solid acid catalysis (history, fundamentals, and characterization) and gives details of different types of catalysts and solid acid–catalyzed reactions as well as the industrial applications.

The book consists of six chapters. The initial two chapters describe fundamentals of solid acid catalysis, including historical development, generation of acid sites, definition of acidic properties on the surface, and roles of acid sites in catalysis. These chapters are for students and young researchers. The following chapters are for advanced researchers as they describe the characterization of acidic properties and surface and catalytic properties of different types of solid acid catalysts, examples of the reactions catalyzed by them, and their industrial applications.

Although a number of reviews describing solid acid catalysis have been published for advanced researchers, books that comprehensively cover the range from fundamentals to applications of solid acid catalysis, which can be helpful for a wide variety of readers, are not available at present.

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About the Authors:
Hideshi Hattori was born on December 18, 1939, in Tokyo. He graduated from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1963, and received a Ph.D. in engineering in 1968, whereupon he began his academic career at the Department of Chemistry, Hokkaido University, Japan. In 1971–1973, he did post-doctoral work at Rice University, Houston, USA. Prof. Hattori then moved to the Graduate School of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University. He retired from the university at the end of March 2003, and is presently professor emeritus, Hokkaido University. Since 2007, he has also been a research promoting professor at Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido University. He was president of the Catalysis Society of Japan for 2001 and chairman of TOCAT 4 in 2002. His special field of interest is solid acid and base catalysis.

Yoshio Ono is professor emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology and National Institute for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation. He completed his undergraduate education at Tokyo Institute of Technology and earned his doctoral degree of engineering at the same institute. He then got engaged in education and research works at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Prof. Ono was president of Catalysis Society of Japan and Japan Association of Zeolites. He is author of more than 250 papers and reviews. His research interests include catalysis by zeolites and solid acids/bases.