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Glass Micro- and Nanospheres

Physics and Applications

edited by Giancarlo Righini

“Editor/author Righini (emer., Institute of Applied Physics, Florence) provides a historical context for development of glass micro- and nanospheres in his brief introduction, followed by detailed and current overviews of their applications, presented in eight chapters, each coauthored with a different research group. The chapters cover theoretical concepts and a wide range of applications. These include technologies as common as glass beads for signals and road marking, and as “high tech” as whispering-gallery mode resonators or sensors for biomarker detection. Each chapter provides its own reference section, while the common index allows readers to quickly locate information about a specific topic throughout the book. Overall the text is well written and the print quality is high. The text is rich in formulas and equations.”

  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814774635
  • Subject: Optical Materials
  • Published: September 2019
  • Pages: 362