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Graphene Nanostructures

Modeling, Simulation, and Applications in Electronics and Photonics

by Yaser Banadaki and Safura Sharifi

The editors have put together a concise but comprehensive book on two-dimensional carbon, commonly referred to as graphene. In the first 20 pages the authors set out what graphene is and why it is important in the context of integrated circuits, namely as an option for post-silicon scaling. In the next 100 pages or so, the operating principles of graphene, applied as a field effect transistor (FET), are described in great detail, including carrier transport behavior, scaling effects, operating principles, and models for creating a circuit from graphene FETs. The final 80 pages sketch out many applications for graphene: logic, sensing, photonics, and more. Each chapter is easily digestible because the chapters are well confined to a specific topic and include copious references for additional reading as needed. For those who do not require persuasion that graphene is an important electronic material, a thorough reading of this book will quickly bring them up to speed on the main areas of interest.

  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814800365
  • Subject: Nanomaterials and Nanostructures
  • Published: July 2019
  • Pages: 210