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Spin Chemical Physics of Graphene

by Elena Sheka

The age of nanosystems was eventually consecrated from the fullerene discovery contemporarily strengthened by the evergrowing mathematical–chemical topological studies of its organic precursors, especially benzenoid systems; however, the fullerene’s rather limitative technological readiness level in real applications damped the true potential of the “bottom world” as it was earlier predicted. The rise of graphene opened a new hope with a promise to revive the transdisciplinary nanosciences as physics and chemistry provide. This book by Dr. Sheka aptly serves the purpose of securing the graphene promise in being a reliable structural support, a versatile easy-to-integrate tool, and a means through which the wave−corpuscular complementary nature of nanomatter finally finds its true representative in both fundamental science and intelligent nanotechnologies. It is a compendium and an open book alike: It provides ultimate structural information and orients the graphenic framework for the real application by employing the spin (true quantum) nature of the electronic structure on the graphenic-landia. From quantum classics to quantum relativistic as well as to magnetic features and the chemical basic processes, such as hydrogenation, oxidation, and redox, and even to mixed systems when the scattering investigation is about (especially by neutrons’ scattering) or by spin mechanochemistry, spin topochemistry, and photonics on the graphenic quantum dots, all are synergistically presented in a complex nanoscale analysis. Besides, the book succeeds in making the step toward the characterization of silicenic and tetrelenic structures while learning the fullerenic–graphenic lessons and in assuring the molectronic context by which the future smart molecular spin–based electronics will be structurally explored for sustainable design and function.

Prof. Dr. habil. Mihai V. Putz, West University of Timişoara, Romania
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789814774116
  • Subject: Condensed Matter Physics
  • Published: November 2017
  • Pages: 492

Graphene, nicknamed miracle material, is a material with superior properties. However, all its characteristics are only the outward manifestations of the wonderful nature of graphene. The real miracle of graphene is that the species is a union of two entities, a physical and a chemical one, each of which is unique in its own way.

This book concerns the close interrelationship between graphene physics and chemistry as expressed via typical spin effects of a chemical physics origin. Based on quantum-chemical computations, it addresses the reflection of physical reality and the constitution of graphene as an object of materials science—sci graphene—on the one hand, and as a working material—high tech graphene—for a variety of attractive applications largely discussed and debated in the press, on the other. It presents the chemical physics of graphene based on the results of extended computational experiments in tight connection with their relevance to physical and chemical realities.

Key Features:

  • Unique treatment of the interrelationship between graphene physics and chemistry via particular spin-dependent properties
  • Expectations related to high tech graphene based on peculiar properties of sci graphene.
  • First manifestation of the role of extended computational experiments in graphene science